State Asset Management Department


Case Study

Improving the leadership capability across a large state asset management department


State Asset Management Department

The Challenge

The client has been transforming and restructuring itself to more effectively meet the State’s road transport challenges into the future.  This process has put a spotlight on each Directorate’s culture, performance and capability to deliver on their strategy.

Mango was asked to work with three Directorates to assess their culture, identify ways to build the cohesive, high performing teams that are needed, and then support the Leadership to build the needed capability and culture.

Our Approach

To better understand the issues we first conducted 1:1 interviews with members of the HR team as well as external stakeholders.  Mango then facilitated workshops and ran the Competing Values Framework (CVF) online culture assessment tool to gain insight into HR’s current and preferred culture.  This diagnostic process led to a clear picture of key issues, was used to develop a ‘Future Story’ as a ‘pull mechanism’ towards hope in a better future, and provided guidance for initiatives that would support achievement of this new culture.

This approach was also used for the second directorate and then several initiatives implemented. Firstly, the leadership skills of the Senior Team were built to develop a constructive approach to conflict and teamwork. DiSC profiling was used as a tool in this training.  Secondly, a Culture Transition Plan was developed to turn a range of initiatives into a program of work with each leader taking responsibility for one of the work streams. The Culture Transition Plan included a range of activities to address critical issues within their own teams and across the Directorate.  This was supported by coaching for leaders and individuals as well as regular monitoring of project progress.

For the third Directorate we used the same approach of interviews, workshops and the CVF online assessment.  The findings showed a need for significant increase in the cohesion of the Senior Leadership Team and so a series of workshops including DiSC profiling were developed.  This time a Culture Change Action Plan was developed ‘bottom up’ with the teams coming up with initiatives and ideas to improve culture and overall performance.  The decision to use this ‘bottom up’ approach was to empower the fractured teams to work together to make the ‘Future Story’ a reality in their directorate.

The Outcome

At a follow up workshop conducted 12 months later the first directorate teams were vocal in their enjoyment of the increased teamwork and improved working environment.  The business stakeholders spoke positively of the service levels provided by the team with a strong focus on ‘partnering’ rather than ‘policing’.

The ‘bottom up’ process, facilitated and guided by Mango, has been instrumental in improving teamwork, communication and collaboration to better serve customers. In parallel, teams are commenting on the positive change they are seeing in senior leadership due to the training program.  Step by step the cynicism and dysfunction is being replaced by trust, collaboration and improved services.  Our work is ongoing with all three directorates as they continue on their journey of cultural transformation.