Regional Shire Group


Case Study, Utilities

Implementing the change and communications for the implementation of LED streetlights across five shires


Regional group of five shires in regional WA

The Challenge

Five shires across regional WA were scheduled to have their street lights replaced with high efficiency LED street lights in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial years. This project was designed to save the Shires a considerable amount in street lighting costs each year, reduce the electricity required for street lighting purposes and consequently, significantly reduce CO2 emissions currently generated. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of this project the client required a Communications Plan to be developed and implemented.

Our Approach

Mango first worked with stakeholders to establish clear, concise, and concrete communications goals aligned to the strategy for improving street lighting and public amenities. Mango then set about carefully preparing a Communications Plan based on our CIRCLE model for providing communications and engaging with communities. Our activities were developed to ensure the community, media, schools and Council staff were provided with engaging insights into the benefits of the street light upgrade project.

Our approach recognised that each of the 5 Shire’s communities had unique characteristics: different population sizes and socio-economic profiles, histories, levels of Shire resourcing and organisation, extent of isolation, and diversity of interests and challenges.  Hence, our community engagement and communications, while providing consistent messages, did not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  We recognised the diversity of various community groups and did not simply work through a single channel, but provided a variety of channels for communicating based on our understanding of the challenges they faced.

The Outcome

From Mango’s comprehensive communications plan a range of tailored communications were developed and delivered in an engaging and enriching way including:

  • An Energy Education Program in schools and town forums to raise awareness about small ways in which residents and businesses can make a big difference to reduce power consumption and increase energy efficiency
  • Establishment of an education facility, posters, handouts, brochures and information packs located in the Town Information Centre about the LED street light program
  • Production of banners and posters which were displayed in a range of businesses and on town facilities
  • Engagement via print, digital and media to help highlight the project and address common concerns


As a result of the significant levels of community engagement which Mango established, and the comprehensive capture and analysis of participation data, the outcomes of the LED Streetlights program in these shires has been used to inform other local government’s plan strategic design and funding of similar projects.


  • Large State Utilities Company

    Mango Group was engaged to provide the Board and Executive with an independent review of Grange (their key operating system) to establish the continuing validity of the 2008 Grange Review Report.

  • Major Utility Company​

    Improving customer service was the driver for Mango to create ‘gamified’ experiences that immerse the client’s learners in a real world situation where they learn by practising new skills and behaviours.

  • Major State Utility​

    The executive wanted a ‘warts and all’ review by Mango to provide fresh insights on how they could improve business customer engagement and the delivery of business outcomes and a road map for how to get it done.