Major Utility Company


Case Study

Development of an engaging and effective learning experience to improve customer service


Major Utility Company

The Challenge

Mango were approached to assist the Director for Customer Service to achieve improvements in customer service.  The program was to be modular, accessible from multiple devices in multiple locations by both employees and contractors.

The solution also needed to provide an online space for ongoing, easily accessible learning that would continue to support improved customer service. Completion of the modules would earn points that could be redeemed in the client’s Rewards and Recognition program.

Our Approach

Mango and our technology partner, Workstar, set about creating customised experiences that immerse the client’s learners in a real world situation where they learn by practicing new skills and behaviours.

To achieve this, Mango developed a framework for multiple modules based on a series of ‘dos and don’ts’ identified by the Customer Service team in response to ministerial complaints.  The first of the modules was designed to create empathy for the customer and provide a ‘line of sight’ for those whose work had flow on effects to the customer experience but who did not connect their actions to these outcomes.

The modules were hosted in Workstar’s Ecosystem, an external site that allows easy access from multiple devices and locations via a secure link on the client’s public website.  The solution allowed for a range of learning ‘items’ to be made available under the headings:

THINGS TO DO (including the newly created learning games plus other experiential learning opportunities such as spending time in the call centre to better understand customer requirements)

THINGS TO WATCH (including You Tube videos and other interesting visuals)

THINGS TO READ (including short, interesting and relevant articles)

The Outcome

The Customer Service Learning Portal was first rolled out to Executives who highly praised the more engaging look and feel, the thought provoking scenarios and the motivating elements linked to the Rewards and Recognition program. Mindful of change fatigue, the organisation intentionally conducted a soft launch to 3000 staff and yet more than 500 had completed the learning modules within the first two weeks. Word of mouth referral is seeing an increasing rate of participation and positive feedback on internal social media.

This approach has been designed to enable the learning to be refreshed with new modules and learning content to increase staff and contractor engagement, link it with their Rewards and Recognition Program and support a broad range of customer service change initiatives. The client has now commenced planning for Mango and Workstar to design and build additional modules for their customer service improvement journey.


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