Major State Utility


Case Study, Utilities

Information Services Branch Review and Organisation Redesign


Major State Utility

The Challenge

The Executive wanted an external opinion on the current state of the of the organisation’s Information Services Branch (ISB), identifying gaps and issues for focus. There was a desire for a ‘warts and all’ review to provide fresh insights on how they could improve business customer engagement and the delivery of business outcomes. They did not feel the ISB was aligned with its’ customers and wanted to understand the barriers to alignment as well as identifying ways to improve their commercial capabilities.

The client needed a sensitive review of performance issues and current ISB structure, capabilities and competencies within the Branch to identify and recommend an optimal Branch structure, skills and competencies. Ultimately, the client needed more than just a review but a clear prioritisation of key focus areas for the ISB function and the preparation of the implementation plans required to address issues, with a high level Roadmap for the future.

Our Approach

Data was gathered from a range of sources, including organisation charts, vendor KPI’s, a broad cross section of executive and senior managers both in ISB and the business to determine the current state. A structured interview process was used across 30 representatives from ISB and the business to determine views on type and standard of services delivered by ISB, and the model that in their views that would best serve the strategic business objectives of the Corporation.

This data was analysed and key findings aligned to the aspirations of the Senior Business Executive and also using Gartner’s IT Operations Maturity Model as a best practice back drop. A comprehensive Executive report was produced identifying the gaps against best practice and recommendations for addressing the gaps.

The Outcome

Mango’s strategic review identified the extent to which the business regarded the Information Services Branch as being a “valued partner” and the gaps between ‘best-practice’ IT service delivery and the current state of service delivery.  By examining the gaps, we were able to identify and advise on appropriate Information Management strategies which would help move the function from simply being a “transactional service provider” up the maturity curve to becoming a valued business partner.

A number of improvement initiatives were highlighted that could be executed in four to six months (“quick wins”). These smaller initiatives made the changes easier to absorb and ensured that incremental benefits were being realized while on the longer maturity journey.  This was coupled with a high level Roadmap for implementing the proposed changes within ISB.


  • Large State Utilities Company

    Mango Group was engaged to provide the Board and Executive with an independent review of Grange (their key operating system) to establish the continuing validity of the 2008 Grange Review Report.

  • Regional Shire Group​

    Five shires were replacing their street lights with high efficiency LED street lights designed to save the group money and reduce CO2 emissions. Community engagement was critical to success and Mango made it happen.

  • Major Utility Company​

    Improving customer service was the driver for Mango to create ‘gamified’ experiences that immerse the client’s learners in a real world situation where they learn by practising new skills and behaviours.