Major Infrastructure Department


Case Study

Business process review and improvement for ministerial responses


Government department for major infrastructure for essential utility

The Challenge

The Department recognised that improvements needed to be made to the timeliness and quality of advice it submits to the Minister.  The process for creating a Ministerial involves various layers of review and approval to support accountability for content and quality. While the process itself is reasonably straightforward, the practice of drafting a Ministerial response can involve a high level of complexity due to the number of inputs and considerations involved.

The department had recently experience a sharp rise in the volume of Ministerials being handled by this process (an average of 28 per month, compared to less than 5 in 2013) and was also highly concerned about issues of content quality.

The client appointed Mango to perform a review of the current processes that support the creation of Ministerials (briefing notes, cabinet comments and cabinet submissions) and report their findings and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Approach

Mango’s focus was to examine the processes and steps that support the creation of briefing notes, cabinet comments, and cabinet submissions.  To undertake the process review Mango sought input from all areas of the organisation through a number of meetings, workshops and interviews, as well as a document review of the Ministerial Handbook, Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) Training Manuals and various other supporting documentation.

We developed a detailed process map, identified a range of issues impacting timeliness and quality of responses and uncovered several opportunities for improvement, including capability improvements.

The Outcome

The outcome of this project was to provide the client with recommended initiatives to improve timeliness and quality of Ministerial advice. Based on more than 20 key findings under the categories of Debunking Assumptions, People and Culture, Process, Training and System, Mango provided detailed recommendations on how to phase in changes that would enable the Department to achieve the desired improvements. The Department has commenced an internal process for implementation of key recommendations.