Major Global Resources Company


Case Study, Mining, Oil & Gas

Development of standardised Drill and Blast design guidelines and training resources for the introduction of Datavis DBS Drill and Blast software


Major Global Resources Company


This organisation has traditionally used differing practices, procedures and systems for their Drill and Blast operations across each of their operating mines. Following an acquisition the opportunity arose to simplify and standardise their processes and achieve the business benefits in doing so became apparent. In order to standardise the variety of approaches to Drill and Blast Design, an extensive review of current practices and procedures was required with consolidation of the best of current practice into a single standard for all sites. As a heavily regulated industry, all practices outlined in this standard needed to align with legislative requirements.

Additionally, a new Drill and Blast Design software was identified for implementation across all BHPB IO mine sites and an effective training package needed to be developed to up-skill the Drill and Blast Engineers and other stakeholders across the business. Incorporating blast design, consumables management and reporting, the training needed to be succinct enough to efficiently up-skill both current as well as new blast designers in the end-to-end process within a relatively short time-frame.

The project brief was to first develop a standardised Drill and Blast Design Guideline based on the best of current practice aligned with legislative requirements, and secondly, to develop an effective training package for the implementation and ongoing training of the Datavis DBS Drill and Blast Software.


The development of standardised Drill and Blast Design Principles and Guidelines involved an initial analysis of all current procedures across the business to understand commonalities and differences between the sites. Extensive engagements with subject matter experts throughout the business, as well as external consultants and a number of group workshops were conducted to achieve acceptance and group consensus to best practice. A consolidated Drill and Blast Design Guideline was developed on the basis of this analysis and research that outlines the client’s approach to drill pattern design, blast design (including charge and tie-in design practices), flyrock control, forecasting and reconciliation of explosives usage, and reporting. The guideline is tightly aligned with legislative requirements.

For the design, development and delivery of the training package for the new Datavis DBS Drill and Blast Software Mango provided an experienced technical writer and training specialist. Four target audiences were identified and separate modules developed for Managers, Engineers, Blast Crew and System Administrators. User manuals outlined instructions on blasts design and managing the end to end process using the new system which were aligned to the newly standardised Drill and Blast Guidelines. Mango is currently training stakeholders across seven sites in face to face, hands on classroom sessions.

The Outcome

The standardised approach provides a scalable mine operating model, workforce flexibility, and underpins growth targets. Mango’s approach encouraged greater acceptance through stakeholder engagement, and a succinct solution met the client’s core values of Simplicity and Sustainability.





  • Major Australian Iron Ore Producer

    Develop easy to use trainer and trainee resources using just the Operations Manuals and related documents as guides. Supervisors needed to be up-skilled in order to train effectively provided with resources and assessment tools that were easy to use as well as simple to follow reference guides for the equipment operators.

  • Major Global Resources Company

    Mango executed the strategy providing planning and project implementation support for the internal project manager, User Acceptance Testing, data migration support and end‐to‐end training services for every department across all sites.

  • Major Global Resources Company

    This organisation needed the services of a team that could quickly learn how the system configuration and the business processes interacted and then design and deliver training that reflected this to ensure the successful transition from the old to new system.

  • Major Global Resources Company

    The Senior HSEC Advisor approached Mango to assist based on Mango’s expertise in developing the Controlled Documents guidelines and procedures as part of the 1DOC implementation. The Mango team also had extensive knowledge of BHPBIO’s culture, systems and HSEC environment.

  • Global Oil and Gas Company

    Our brief was to review current information and knowledge management practices, capture business requirements, develop a report that outlined process improvements and recommend governance practices, and align this to best fit EDRMS solutions that could meet the business’ current and future needs.

  • Major Global Resources Company

    The client’s geographically dispersed document control managers and workflow performers meant face to face training would be too expensive, impractical and not sustainable. eLearning was the Mango solution.