Major Australian Iron Ore Producer


Case Study, Mining, Oil & Gas

Designing and developing training resources for the introduction of CAT® MineStar™ equipment


Major Australian Iron Ore Producer


The Australia-first project to introduce CAT® MineStar™ semi-automated mining equipment (Controller, Drilling, Haul Truck, Road Terrain, Wheel Loader, and Dozer) required, as a critical success factor, all current operators to achieve the highest standards in working with the new equipment.

The client needed to achieve the required operating standards, ensure that at least one trainer was on site at all times whilst at the same time keep the cost of training down, within an extremely tight timeframe.

The brief was to develop easy to use trainer and trainee resources using just the Operations Manuals and related documents as guides. Supervisors needed to be upskilled in order to train effectively; provided with resources and assessment tools that were easy to use, as well as simple to follow reference guides for the equipment operators.


A Mango team of three training specialists set about understanding exactly what business outcomes were required to be achieved by operators working with each piece of MineStar™ equipment.

There were many challenges along the way, these included having no access to the equipment to check procedures, the programmers making numerous changes to the user interfaces, and having only the Operations Manuals and basic documents to work from.

Based on the information available, the Mango team developed a set of icons that reflected the activities to be performed. They then created annotated screen shots to visually demonstrate the procedures along with a range of easy to follow reference materials and predominantly picture-based assessments.

The frontline supervisors were then trained and supported by the project team as the training was rolled out on site.


The business had a group of highly competent supervisors who could train and assess operators during each shift. This enabled them to cross train operators on each new piece of equipment on site with minimum downtime in order to increase scheduling flexibility.

Operational capability was maintained and the benefits of real time data now provided by the equipment improved scheduling efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs.

“Mango delivered high quality, comprehensive training materials that were well received by the operators, despite a challenging brief and short timeframes.”

Graeme Woods, Project Manager





operational capability maintained

efficiency increased

costs reduced

flexibility increased


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