Large Government Department


Case Study

Development of experiential learning and gamification for compliance training


State’s largest employer of government staff

The Challenge

The client’s Corporate Information Services wanted to implement an improved learning solution to engage and motivate ~60,000 staff, to realise the benefits in embracing and implementing best practice recordkeeping in their daily work routine. The existing eLearning had a poor completion rate, despite being mandatory.

The Corporate Information Services for this client has a key role in ensuring that the Department is compliant with the State Records Act 2000.  Under the Act, all staff of the Department have recordkeeping responsibilities to ensure that proper records are created and maintained as evidence of their actions, decisions and transactions in the discharge of their duties.  A good recordkeeping regime serves as a basis for organisational accountability, evidence of business transactions, compliance with legislative requirements and the development of the ‘corporate memory’.

The client appointed Mango to develop an engaging and motivating experiential learning solution that would support central and regional staff to incorporate best practice recordkeeping in the course of their daily duties, to work more effectively with the approved system where available and to promote the approved system as the preferred technology solution in the non-head office locations.  We were also tasked with developing a dedicated module on Information Release for senior managers across the organisation. This was a separate but related need to improve the confidence amongst managers in making decisions in response to information requests that do not require a formal Freedom of Information request.

Our Approach

Mango’s solution, working with our technology partner Workstar, was to design, build and deliver three innovative experiential learning modules based on best practice in learning game design ‘gamification’, incorporating motivation and engagement elements with a robust learning framework. The scenarios were tailored to their respective work environments, which provided context that was previously lacking. The impact of the learner’s decisions on risk and time were also tracked by meters coupled with detailed and relevant feedback designed to prompt the learner to reflect on their current practices and consider how they could best improve their behaviours.

The Outcome

Mango met all deadlines and developed 3 comprehensive modules on recordkeeping awareness and information release for hosting on the Department’s LMS. The modules are scheduled to be rolled out in late 2016.

The significant improvement in the quality of training delivery using experiential learning and gamification techniques is piquing interest amongst other government agencies using traditional eLearning technology.