Mango began partnering with clients to help solve their challenges in 2006. Initially we focused on training and people development solutions. Our aim was to bring fresh thinking and provide customised, pragmatic solutions that delivered positive results.

To make a real difference for our clients we knew that we needed a team that were individually gifted, collectively brilliant®. Teamwork had to be more than marketing jargon, it had to be in our DNA. So we set about building a team who were both clever and capable in their area of expertise and who also really enjoyed working with others to create something special.


Since the very beginning, our clients have continued to tell us that our genuine commitment to collaboration keeps us delivering the results they are looking for. So they keep asking us to solve more of their challenges. And we do!

From our original roots we have developed four integrated Centres of Excellence encompassing Change Management, Enterprise Information Management, Organisational Capability and Management Consulting. True to our DNA, we use the combined, clever, creative abilities of the team in all our Centres of Excellence to provide fresh insight, advice and pragmatic, fit-for-purpose solutions that continue to deliver results for our clients.

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