Organisational Capability in a nutshell

You can have an amazing strategy, with the most cutting edge IT knowledge architecture, but without the assurance that you have the right people in the right roles with the right capabilities to pull the organisation through, you’re almost certain to miss the mark. Mango’s Organisational Capability center of excellence gives you the tools and techniques to increase your organisation’s effectiveness and/or efficiency and to enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals.

The driving force behind every strategy is people. While our Management Consulting team work to align your business operating model with your strategic goals, Mango’s Organisational Capability team work with you to ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, with the right capability, ready and able to make it happen.

People and business strategy alignment

When you’ve spent time and energy on creating the right strategy to take your business forward, don’t forget about your people. People who are aligned to your strategy adapt quicker and seize opportunities – they become your advocates. We help clients to be sure they have the right people in the right roles with the right capabilities in order to move forward through a combination of coaching, communication and adept change management.

Organisational design and development

The days of inflexible business structures are numbered. An agile, self-aware business can move with the market, demonstrating currency and yet still engendering credibility and respect. We help you take the best bits of your organization and move forward with them, identifying what needs to be done at every step of the way. From large scale redesign to smaller scale development to accord with best practice, Mango can help you to bloom.

Customised training design and delivery

Death by powerpoint. Cookie cutter training courses. One size fits all. It would be far easier if Mango did this, because it’s faster and take us much less effort. But no, we look at what your organisation needs in terms of training, from an holistic 70:20:10 viewpoint. We use our vast experience to design tailored training which suits you and your people and which gets results. Remote mine sites are just another place of work for our flexible, resourceful trainers.

eLearning and gamification

Learning new “stuff”, whether it’s IT programs, processes, procedures, ways of working, or new safety habits, isn’t just something which fits within the walls of a classroom at fixed hours and schedules. Our engaging elearning allows you to have a just-in-time resource for new hires, last minute refreshers or mass roll-outs. Gamification, where appropriate, can take it to another level. Your people will look forward to learning.

Cultural diagnostics

Whether you’re changing tack in response to the market, changing your strategy as part of a planning process, or just want a benchmark of where your organisation is at culturally, we can help. With a blended approach, combining online questionnaires, face to face interviews and small group liason events, we can guide you through the process and let you know where you stand, and how many steps you’ll have to take to get where you want and need to be. We’ll walk beside you on that journey.

Learning & Development strategies

No-one benefits from indiscriminate training – not your bottom line, not your people, not your organisation’s ongoing capability. Throwing money at endless classroom training sessions is pointless. We ensure the best outcomes for your training spend – we can analyse your current training practices and suggest ways to improve it. Your hard-won expertise can be harnessed, and that elusive balance of 70:20:10 learning – allowing for workplace, on-the-job and mentor led learning to stand proudly. We work with your HR department, or we can be your HR department and take the burden off senior executives. A learning management system can bring welcome transparency and accessibility to training records, and we are experts in implementing those and integrating our elearning into such a system.

Leadership coaching

Changing organizational priorities and strategies bring new leadership challenges. Experienced leaders gain a reflection of their performance from our focused and pragmatic senior leadership coaching model, while leaders new to the role benefit from a more holistic overview of their strengths and areas for development. We offer a range of support options, varying in duration and degree of involvement. We’re here for you, and you are there for your business.


Gordon Webster

Managing Director, Management Consulting / Enterprise Information Management

0428 926 313

Karen Robinson

Managing Director, Organisational Capability / Change Management

0414 953 711