Management Consulting in a nutshell

We won’t breeze in and tell you what you already know. That’s annoying. What we do is provide an external, informed viewpoint, and our flexible team provides timely, focused input from our talented Business Analysts, system specialists and management and leadership experts, among others. We look at what challenges your organisation has, and we advise you what you can do, with or without our ongoing support. Management Consulting is Mango’s practice of helping organisations to improve their performance – we operate primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

To achieve efficient and effective business transformation you need a pragmatic approach that is adaptable to your specific requirements. 

Our team of highly experienced consultants, have implemented sustainable business strategies and solutions across utilities, mining, oil and gas, government and agricultural industries and are known for the insight and clarity they bring to complex challenges.

Strategic Review Planning

By utilising the Mango team to review and assist in the development of your strategic plan you will have a systematic process that will ask and answer the most critical questions confronting a management team—especially large, irrevocable resource commitment decisions.

Business Case Development

You need to prove that your project will deliver significant benefits to your organisation.   Mango’s skills and experience will ensure your business case is solid and will pave the way to approval, but if the benefits don’t stack up we won’t shirk from telling you so.

Business Transformation

Are you operating in a market that is changing, are your current products or services out of date, are you facing new regulations or is your market place becoming more competitive? If yes, then Mango’s Transformational toolkit will guide you through, whatever the challenge.

Operational Excellence

Mango has the people and tools to support you towards the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. Our team bring experience of working on continuous improvement projects, using methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Scientific Management to deliver ongoing, measurable results for our clients.

Benefits Definition and Realisation

Where projects and initiatives are being scrutinised more and more, Mango can measure alignment between your project outcomes and business strategies to help you measure how time and resources are being invested and also ensuring that you meet the desired outcomes of the initiative.

Process Redesign

Most organisations have at least some processes which were developed years ago. They tend to be manual, cumbersome, haven’t grown with changes to your business, or are not taking advantage of today’s new technologies. Mango will review your current state, map out future state and assist you in implementing the new processes.

Risk Management

Managing the risks to your organisation is critical to the ongoing operation of your organisation. Risks can come in the form of security, health and safety, terrorism, competition, out dated products and services, supply chain, etc. We at Mango have developed tools and techniques to help you identify, manage and minimise the impact of your associated risks.

Governance Framework

The processes and relations by which your organisation is controlled and directed are critical to the ongoing successful operations of your business. Organisations which have grown quickly, and/or acquired other organisations are likely to have outgrown current processes, structures, or operating procedures. You might well need to align to new compliance requirements. Mango has developed a framework that will allow you to implement a robust governance structure to meet your operating needs and monitor the ongoing performance.


Gordon Webster

Managing Director, Management Consulting / Enterprise Information Management

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