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Major Utility Company​

Improving customer service was the driver for Mango to create ‘gamified’ experiences that immerse the client’s learners in a real world situation where they learn by practising new skills and behaviours.

Major State Utility​

The executive wanted a ‘warts and all’ review by Mango to provide fresh insights on how they could improve business customer engagement and the delivery of business outcomes and a road map for how to get it done.

Regional Shire Group​

Five shires were replacing their street lights with high efficiency LED street lights designed to save the group money and reduce CO2 emissions. Community engagement was critical to success and Mango made it happen.

Large State Utilities Company

Mango Group was engaged to provide the Board and Executive with an independent review of Grange (their key operating system) to establish the continuing validity of the 2008 Grange Review Report.