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Oil & Gas

Engineering Consultancy​

This client needed to build cohesion of the senior leadership team as they led a painful downsizing and organisational restructure. Increasing their capability to coach their teams through the process was key and Mango rose to the challenge.

International Resource Companies​

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the backbone of many organisations—managing accounting, procurement, and projects throughout the enterprise—training is a crucial element.

Major Global Resources Company

The client’s geographically dispersed document control managers and workflow performers meant face to face training would be too expensive, impractical and not sustainable. eLearning was the Mango solution.

Major Global Resources Company

The Senior HSEC Advisor approached Mango to assist based on Mango’s expertise in developing the Controlled Documents guidelines and procedures as part of the 1DOC implementation. The Mango team also had extensive knowledge of BHPBIO’s culture, systems and HSEC environment.

Major Global Resources Company

This organisation needed the services of a team that could quickly learn how the system configuration and the business processes interacted and then design and deliver training that reflected this to ensure the successful transition from the old to new system.

Global Oil and Gas Company

Our brief was to review current information and knowledge management practices, capture business requirements, develop a report that outlined process improvements and recommend governance practices, and align this to best fit EDRMS solutions that could meet the business’ current and future needs.

Major Global Resources Company

The project brief was to first develop a standardised Drill and Blast Design Guideline based on the best of current practice aligned with legislative requirements, and secondly, to develop an effective training package for the implementation and ongoing training of the Datavis DBS Drill and Blast Software.