Enterprise Information Management in a nutshell

You may well be finding that information volumes and sources are increasing at phenomenal rates and it is becoming more challenging to find the right information at the right time. At Mango we understand this and provide a number of services that will improve the management of your knowledge, content and data. We put people and process first to ensure you get the most from your Information Management technologies.

Maturity Assessments

We use our Mango developed toolkit to measure the level of maturity of information management strategy, process and technology within your organisation and guidance on how to move up to the next level.

Knowledge Audit/Diagnostic

This provides a review of your current state, mapping out all your information, knowledge and data sources, capturing your information management requirements and providing initiatives and a roadmap for future improvement.

IM Governance Framework

This is a best practice toolkit that provides documented principles, policies, procedures and user guides for the management of all your information and data – it ensures compliance and standardisation across your organisation. We did the detail work, so you don’t have to.

IM Operating Framework

This is a toolkit for the implementation and ongoing functional support of information management within your organisation, which includes training programs, operating structure and definition of roles and responsibilities. IM Operations in a box!

Market/Product Assessments

We know that selecting a new technology to meet your information management needs can be a complex process – we’ve been through it ourselves. Mango have the experience and tools to ensure you select the best fit for purpose solutions.

Information Architecture Design

Making sure your information architecture is right is the foundation of any successful information management technology implementation.  Mango have experience of developing taxonomies, metadata models, information asset registers, security models, business classification schemes, information lifecycles and master data management for successful implementation into any technology. Faster, more effective implementation of better quality solutions.

IM Implementation Management

Successfully implementing new information management technologies is challenging and it is important for success that it is seen as a business transformational project.  The Mango team is highly experienced in delivering implementations from a business/functional view and will ensure your business gets the right outcomes.  When we are engaged we also leverage our Change Management services to ensure the implementation is successful and the new technology is embedded for the long term.

Taxonomies – WAND

Isn’t it annoying when you know you have the information, somewhere but you don’t know where, to how to search for it? Inbuilt searches in Windows Explorer or Office 365 don’t always cope with business data, and so much time is therefore spent ‘reinventing the wheel’ when information has to be painstakingly recreated.

Mango are an exclusive partner with WAND Inc. to provide simple, yet amazingly effective Taxonomy solutions in Australia.   With the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal, it takes just minutes for you to identify and import professionally built taxonomy content into an information management application.

Taxonomy gives an organisation a basis for structuring information consistently so it’s more findable and usable.  This results in improved operational efficiency and greater utilisation of information assets.



Gordon Webster

Managing Director, Management Consulting / Enterprise Information Management

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