We’re convinced that leadership of others and success in business begins with self-leadership. By building people who can lead themselves, we’re building people who can grow and invigorate the organisations they lead.

Mango specialists use the 70:20:10 Learning Model; an effective and proven approach to identify the channels for maximising leadership growth within an organisation.

How you benefit?

  • Tailor programs to your business requirements; learn exactly what you need with minimum time out of the workplace
  • Improve business relationships between teams, divisions and customers
  • See high performance teams achieving business goals and growing your business
  • Reduce workplace stress and frustration
  • Develop strategic learning and development plans
  • Increase staff loyalty and retention
  • Maximise the return on your training investment

Our office or yours?

Training courses can be run at our offices in the Perth CBD, at specialist training venues or at your premises.

Explore opportunities for developing your people which combine different topics in leadership and management, change management, communication and conflict resolution, as well as personal effectiveness and building high performance teams.

To discuss your specific needs or to book a course, call our office on 9200 6000 or email us.

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