Change Management in a nutshell

Change impacts everyone in your organisation. At Mango we take a structured approach to ensure that changes within your organisation are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits.

When developing your Change Management strategy, we won’t just stick blindly to a single methodology or approach. We use our experience and knowledge to tailor a solution to your needs, building on your strengths and supporting you to bridge any gaps – we will empower you to manage future changes.

Change Management Planning and Execution

For the successful implementation of any change initiative it is important that it is integrated into your overall project planning phase and put in place prior to initiative kick-off. At Mango we have extensive experience across a number of industries and can also manage the execution of the plan.

Impact Analysis

The success of any change initiative is to understand before you start who in the organisation will be impacted and how they will be impacted. We have developed tools from best practice and experience to support you in this activity.

Stakeholder Management and Engagement

Any change needs to be understood at all levels in the organisation, as the impact of the change revolves around the individual and how their world is going to change. Developing correct messages for the correct audience is critical to the success and to ensure everyone feels engaged. Mango are masters in this….

Leadership Coaching

A strong hand at the helm can guide a tricky change initiative through stormy waters. We equip your leaders with what they need, whether by up front coaching or supportive mentoring to allow them to take charge and be the figurehead. But we can also be a sounding board for leadership – it can be a very lonely place during times of change, we’ve been there, we know what it’s like, and we can help.

Results Monitoring

Establishing a benchmark and key performance indicators will ensure that your change initiative is measurable and will ensure benefits realisation. At Mango we have developed a number of tools that monitor the ongoing results of your initiative.

Organisational Change Capability Building

You cannot force an organisation to change if it is unprepared or ill equipped. Mango’s approach to change management is to ensure your company is enabled for change. Our methodology will ensure you are equipped for future change by making you self-sufficient and embedding this as part of your culture.

Change Management Training & Accreditation

Change impacts everyone in your organisation, from frontline and operations staff to Executive Management. Whether you will be taking part in a change process or actually managing its progress, our training will help. We provide customised training in Change Management using experienced Change Practitioners either in-house or at the Mango office. For more information on course topics please click here.


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